Lekarsen - a universal medicine.

In the sacred Koran people can find a clear prescription that cures all diseases. Here are the lines from Sura “the bee”, ayah 69 (the meaning): “…fluids come from the body of a bee, different in colour…inside of which people can find a cure. Indeed, it is a sign for thinking people”.
The first fluid is well-known poison- in its mass it hasa light brown colour. The second fluid is the saliva of a bee -the viscidity of cherry colourthat is necessary for bees to produce the mixture known as propolis.
The third fluid is the sweat of a bee – the wax. When the body of a bee produces it, it looks like pulp of lemon milk colour. A bee then scrapes it away from the belly with its proboscis and makes new cells, after that it solidifies and becomes wax.
Here they are, “fluids different in colour, inside of which people can find a cure”.
It was a long and difficult way to extract medicinal properties from these fluids and to combine them in a single unit. As a result, we have got a universal medicine. I called it “Lekarsen”.


It was found out that “Lekarsen” is able to solve digestive tract problems just in 2-3 days. (As an example, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, disbacteriosis, problems with gallbladder and bile passages are cured within 3-4 doses of the medicine). To cure other internals as oral cavity,urinary and faeces tracts it takes 10-12 days.
Chronic diseases can also be cured but it all depends on their duration and the age of a patient. Being on initial stage, schizophrenia and other mental deviations are cured within 10-15 days.
The medicine does not have any contraindications and cures allergy of any type.
In parallel with medical treatment you also get the rejuvenation of whole body, and healthy flush can be clearly seen on the face. Among the patients there were peoplefor whom doctors couldn’t make a diagnosis, but the disease disappeared and the symptoms stopped. Within 5 years “Lekarsen” cured about 700 ill people who could be treated neither with traditional medicine nor folk medicine. If a patient has 10 diseases – all of them are cured,- it is like the overhaul of body. Taking into consideration all unlimited possibilities of “Lekarsen”, people of middle and elderly age get it to prevent diseases.
You can cure the problems of impotence, women's diseases, infertility and postnatal problems.
In short, “Lekarsen” is not only a panacea, but it is a sign for people as well. That is why, having tried the effects of the medicine on themselves, they wonder: “Well, it that possible?”, “What a miracle!?””How can these drops contain such power?” etc.
The responsibility of a Muslim, who discovered the truth, obliges me to appeal to all Muslim ummah and spiritual leaders of Islamic governments: now you know what a great chance we have. To close our eyes and soul in front of the discovered truth will be a heavy sin. Thus appeared a real possibility to prove to the whole humanity and all religious confessions that it is the Koran that granted to people the cure for all the diseases and for all times. Now we can show and prove that we have a decoded recipe prescribed by the Creator, as a result of which we have got “Lekarsen”.
Here is my plan of the Project that will help us to realize all above mentioned on a large scale.
I. The centers of Islamic medicine (CIM) should be founded in all Muslim countries.
II. The emblem with the image of a bee and number 69 cialis pas cher should be hung onthe facade of building.
III. The CIM will be engaged in thorough examination to find outhow “Lekarsen” influencesa human body, as well as in-patient and out-patient treatment of the diseases that could not be cured with traditional medicine.
The following illnesses can be cured now:
1. Cardiac decompensation and other heart problems.
2. Post infarction and post apoplectic attacks.
3. Schizophrenia and other mental deviations.
4. Epilepsy.
5. AIDS.
6. Infectious hepatitis A, B and C.
7. Tuberculosis.
8. Eczema.
9. Ulcers and other internal problems.
10. Any type of allergy.
11. Asthma.
12. A lot of other health problems.

IV. The unique potential of “Lekarsen” allows to find ways to cure severe diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and etc.
(In my practice some patients could cure these diseases, others could not fully recover from them. I live in mountainous Daghestan. My old house in the village of Kumukh is the first CIM. )
V. The realization of the project will raise the significance of the Koran and Islam throughout the world.
VI. Having a modest but unique practical experience, I am willing to any business cooperation.

Without false modesty I have to confess that Muslim people can see the origination of a new kind of medicine – the Divine Medicine. Is it possible to call it in a different way, if the treatment is a prescription written by the Creator?

ArsenMagomedov, Kumukh, Daghestan.


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